Delta Soft company is a leading company in the field of educational services and e-learning in the Middle East, thanks to our outstanding team, the company is targeting to provide the best services in the various aspects of the educational process at reasonable prices. We also have a huge number of products and services that serve the educational process, such as digital content Development, digital books, learning portals, questions banks, mobile apps, and many other services.



To be in the leading position at providing integrated and innovative technological solutions in different fields of e-learning industry to the Arab region.

Our Message

Delta Soft is committed to providing the highest quality level of services and products according to international quality standards, as we target customer satisfaction and confidence. Relying on high technical efficiency of our teams, and the vast experience of our consultants.


Delta Soft strategy Based On


Focus on elearning and education


Using the latest technologies


Merging Global vision with international experiences


long Term relationship with our clients

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