Alhaythamlab Library

Delta Soft had published the Alhaythamlab library. It covered in the first stage the Saudi K12 curriculum in addition to many enriching materials. Also this is library is highly scalable and under continuous improvements and can be easily modified to fit any K12 Arabic content in the Arab countries. Here are some of Alhaythamlab library main features:

  • It’s platform independent. It works on different platforms (Android – IOS – Windows – Tablet – Mobile – computers – smart boards – LMS – LCMS .. etc.)

  • All lessons are available in a digital interactive form. Each lesson consists of a number of different types (Video – Game – activity – quiz … etc.)

  • Additional enriching educational materials (videos – sounds – images – questions & answers – activities … etc.) that will help the teacher create his own lesson.

  • Every subject has a question bank where the questions is selected from the database according to the learner’s progress and skills.

Alhaythamlab library consists of these main categories:


Interactive lessons

Alhaythamlab provides a rich, complete and attractive interactive lessons which helps students study their lessons.



Users can download interactive games for different topics and subkects which applies the lesson concepts and objectives. So they can plan and learn at the same time.



Have you found a difficulty understanding a topic in your subjects. Just download Alhaythamlab videos to easily view and understand complex topics.



Cooperate with your classmates in a various types of activities so you can learn and apply the objectives in your subjects topics and enhance your learning skills.

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