Dlearn Assessment System

  • The Admin can create online quizzes and exams for the courses.
  • Start time and end time for each quiz.
  • The questions can be obligatory or optional.
  • The quiz maker system supports strong mechanism for creating exams and processing the results and sending them to the teachers.
  • Teacher can create multiple types of questions like:
    • Multiple choice.
    • Multiple choice with one correct answer.
    • True or False.
    • Reorder.
    • Fill in the blanks.
    • Essay questions.
  • Adding videos and images to the questions.
  • Possibility of searching for questions inside questions bank, and reusing them.
  • Each teacher can have his own bank of questions.
  • Teachers can give access to their colleagues to use and mark their question bank.
  • Teachers can view and edit the correct answers of the question bank.
  • Teachers can create exams and publish them to some of the students or the entire students.
  • Student can try the exam more than one time.
  • Teacher has the right to make the questions appears randomly or in order.
  • Teacher can choose either exam get corrected automatically and results appear in the same time, or results can be sent later.
  • Students can review the exams passed before, and view the right and wrong answers.
  • Teacher can export the results in excel sheet.
  • Teachers can view the students results in graphs to find the success – Failure rates.
Ready-made templates of the questions, Teachers can easily modify the text and images, and publish the exams to appear as in the figures.
quiz quiz2 quiz3
Students can easily check the exam report any time.
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