E-content Development

Delta Soft provides elearning and deigital content development services. We are highly proud of following the international standards, procedures and techniques. For example we follow the ADDIE model in content development starting from anlaysis phase where the Educational experts and instructional designers work together to analyze the whole learning situation, knowledge gap, learners charactaristics, environment analysis .. etc, and design the content in a way that fullfils this knowledge gap for learners. Delta Soft have been created its own methodology of Quality Assurance, which assure that all provided services are served in a highly quality standards, and the company is comitted with quality, effectivness and ROI for our products and services. Quality Assurance is one of the basic values we have, It is not an isolated activity or value added, but it is basic process and clear commitment from all employees to achieve the highest quality standards. The company has developed standard quality assurance processes to be applied in the entire departments of the organization, including establishment of  systems for monitoring and evaluaion of the main internal and external key performance indicators. The entire processes of Quality Assurance are applied through all different phases of the project, and it is considered major part of the project plan, and this iclude its application in the Analysis phase to make sure that outcomes have been defined and planned in an acurate way, and also in monitoring and evaluation phase to make sure that outcomes have been executed within within the time, cost, and required quality. Also Risk Management system and information transfer system must have been established and working effeciently. For each outcome in the project, there will be a continued process to develop this outcome and achieve it. And This process has number of phases, and for each phase, quality check points are being established, So Feedback can be provided to evaluate and assess the quality of the product.
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