Alhaythamlab is an engaging and multilingual web-based social e-learning environment designed to enhance the full education process for teachers, students, management and parents. Alhaythamlab improves the teaching process for teachers, make learning fun and insightful for k-12 students, and facilitate communication and collaboration between school administrators, teachers, and parents.

student Student Services


Interactive learning materials:

All subjects consists of different types of learning materials such as (Games – videos – simulations – activities – quizzes etc.)


Test yourself:

Students can practice and test his learning, view reports of his strengths and weaknesses and get prepared for the exam.



Students can enter any competition the Alhaythamlab launches or with their classmates or classmates in other schools.


Useful information:

A dedicated blog to enrich students about related topics they study in their curriculums.

parent Parent’s services


Help your child study easily:

A huge library of learning objects which help your child study according to his competencies and needs.


Assess your child’s progress:

A detailed analysis of your child’s progress, strengths, weaknesses, rate and many other analytics that help you monitor his learning.


Parent tips:

A dedicated blog with valuable tips that will help you motivate and enhance your child’s learning.


Know your child more:

A detailed analysis of your child’s skills, educational progress and activities.

teacher Teacher Services


Online Authoring tool:

Teachers can create their own lesson in an easy and simple process with a plenty of tools and free readymade materials.


Online quiz maker:

Teachers can create and publish an exam in a simple way in addition to readymade question bank.


Lesson planer:

Teachers can select the lesson and they will find the objectives, recommended methodologies, and a plenty of teaching aids materials.


Build you career:

A dedicated blog where teachers can find the latest news about learning strategies and techniques.

school School services


Dedicated school site:

You will not have to worry about your school site design, hosting, support.etc. We will help you create your site in an easy and simple way.


Interactive content:

Enrich your classes with attractive and interactive learning materials that help teachers efficiently run their class.


Detailed Analysis:

A detailed reports about your students and teachers’ performance along the educational year.


Help your teachers:

Alhaythamlab provides various tools and materials that will help your teachers.

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