Interactive 3D objects

Most of scientific fields like physics, Medicine, Engineering needs more than text and illustrative images to understand it concepts, So we found that 3D designs play an effective role in learning these complicated concepts faster than any other way. We in Delta soft start the 3D production by establishing workshops with Subject Matter Experts SMEs with Instruction designers team, to visualize the ideas and the technical concepts to create its storyboards. After that the 3D designers team starts designing the 3D elements approved in the storyboard and adds the required effects that make the 3D element very idential to real. Then, the finished designs get reviewed by quality control team, and Instruction designers team, with the help of SMEs, to make sure that the designs are scientifically correct, and in high quality. After design approval, the developers team starts integrating the 3D elements with the interactivity required in the storyboard, So the learners can interact with the 3D objects like complicated machines, and human body system.
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